Sutherland Knitting Company

Handmade bespoke Tartan Hose from the Sutherland Knitting Company in Caithness Scotland

Sutherland Knitting Company

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The Sutherland Knitting Company, Caithness, Scotland.

Producing bespoke Tartan Hose has been the specialty of the Sutherland family for over four decades. Dedication and commitment to customer care and product quality has resulted in their kilt hose being exported all over the world to exotic destinations such as the Coco Islands.

Our Tartan Hose are unique for the following reasons…

Specially trained staff knit the hose by means of a hand operated circular machine ensuring no unsightly back seam.

Tartan or Diced stockings, diced or tartan hose tops can be matched to any traditional Scottish clan tartan or military diamond pattern by using specially dyed wool to achieve a perfect match for you.

Each pair to leave our premises has been through our strict quality controls ensuring the finest possible fit and finish to enhance the wearers pleasure for many years to come.

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