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People, society, culture, clans, tartan, indigenous language and folklore


Charlie Phillips Images

Award Winning Wildlife, Nature & Commercial Photography based in the Highlands.

The Official Loch Ness Monster Site

The Official Loch Ness Monster Site – Live webcam. Contains sightings, news, and links, interviews, fanclub. Books and tours avai

NOVA Online: The Beast of Loch Ness

NOVA Online: The Beast of Loch Ness – The companion web site to “The Beast of Loch Ness”, originally broadc

Nessie's Grotto

Nessie’s Grotto – Contains sightings, interviews, information, and pictures.

Loch Ness Monster: The Scottish legend

Loch Ness Monster: The Scottish legend – Includes photos, sightings, and information.

Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster – Contains maps, pictures, and sightings.

Loch Ness Investigation 2000

Loch Ness Investigation 2000 – A new series of experiments investigating Loch Ness using modern technology and scientifically ri

The Loch Ness and Morar Project

The Loch Ness and Morar Project – Edited by Adrian Shine. Includes extensive history, research, and sighting information.

Loch Ness Information Site

Loch Ness Information Site – Tony Harmsworth’s site containing informed comment and personal background views on research

The Legend of Nessie

The Legend of Nessie – Information and photographs of new and past sightings.

US-UK Couples N Families

US-UK Couples N Families – Discussion of immigration issues and experiences for US-UK couples.

Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad – Provides practical information for international travelers looking to work, study, or live abroad.

Tales from a Small Planet

Tales from a Small Planet – The literary and humor magazine for expatriates worldwide offering reviews of major cities, forums, a

Shelter Offshore

Shelter Offshore – Expatriate publication featuring articles on buying property, investing, and living and working abroad.

Personal Mail International, Inc

Personal Mail International, Inc – A commercial package and mail forwarding service for individuals and corporations. Includes c

International Living

International Living – Articles, news, classifieds, home swaps, and information on retirement, real estate, living abroad.

International Couples

International Couples – Forum discussion among international couples sharing ideas worldwide, exchanging experiences and providin