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Things to do in Scotland

Ever wondered about what you can do in Scotland on your holiday visit? Me too! Scotland is famous world over for many things, what makes Scotland such a diverse country? It is likely the mix of people and culture, food and drink, the landscape and architecture, activities and events, the wildlife and the marine wildlife. It’s such a diverse country we had no difficulty compiling this “list” of adventures, experiences, events and activities for you. So here it is the Scotlist list of things to see and do in Scotland, we are sure it will give you some ideas for your trip to Scotland. If you are a local this list will remind you of what a great country we have here and what you might be missing out on if you don’t get out often enough to experience it. Dramatic mountain locations, magnificent lochs, rugged coastlines all comprise to create stunning landscape scenery, top that with a rich cultural history and diverse culture of people Scotland has it all. If Scotland is on your bucket list read on and find out what  great things you can do on your trip to Scotland, if you live in Scotland or if you’re Scottish this bucket list will give you a list of Scottish things to do in Scotland before you die! We hope you enjoy this page, here are a few ideas to get you inspire your holiday research.

Climb up a hill and enjoy the view over the Loch

It’s not just mountains, there are many small hills in Scotland, take a picnic with you and have a gentle walk to the top of a hill to enjoy the view over the loch and bask in the splendour of the surrounding landscape, breathe, drink and eat, soak it all up / take it all in. Enjoy your Scotland!

Things to do in Scotland - Climb to the top of a hill and enjoy the view over the loch - Loch Leven, Perth and Kinross, Scotland photo

Things to do in Scotland – Climb to the top of a hill and enjoy the view over the loch – Loch Leven, Perth and Kinross, Scotland

Visit one of the many Castles of Scotland

You are never far from a castle in Scotland, many are still inhabited by Scottish clan families, and many castles are sadly ruins.  Get onto the “Castle Trail” and soak up some Scottish history, the castles of Scotland are many…

Things to do in Scotland - Visit a Scottish Castle - Photo of Maclellans Castle Kirkubright, Dumfries, Scotland

Things to do in Scotland – Visit a Scottish Castle – Photo of Maclellans Castle Kirkubright, Dumfries,  Scotland.

More Scottish castles can be found here…

Photograph a Highland Cow

Don’t worry if you can’t find one here’s one we took earlier… a photo of Highland Cattle (and others) resting on a warm summers day in the Highlands of Scotland, maybe you can take a better one 😉

Things to do in Scotland - Photograph a Highland Cow photo of Highland Cattle (and others) resting on a warm summers day in the Highlands of Scotland.

Things to do in Scotland – Photograph a Highland Cow photo of Highland Cattle (and others) resting on a warm summers day in the Highlands of Scotland.

 Hunt for Nessie the Loch Ness Monster

Spend a day looking for the Loch Ness Monster, drive around the loch to see what you can see, hire a boat to get closer to the action, or join a Nessie hunting cruise trip along Loch Ness. Sorry we have no photos yet, maybe you can capture one when you visit Scotland. If you do get a photo we’d love to see it, send us your Nessie photos here!

Watch Highland Games

There are many Highland Games events held in Scotland over the summer season, add this to your list of things to do. Here’s a photo of people watching a Highland Games event while the massed pipe bands perform a march past.

Things to do in Scotland - Watch Highland Games and Pipe Bands photo

Things to do in Scotland – Watch Highland Games and Pipe Bands.

We’d love to know about your Scotland experiences, leave a comment.

Stay on an Island

With over 800 islands lying around Scotland’s coastline it is difficult to choose which island / islands to visit. Each island has its own unique beauty and character. Beautiful coastlines, amazing wildlife, secret beaches and idyllic coves with pristine sands and crystal clear water (on calm days). Scotland’s islands are favourites among land travellers and cruise ship travellers. We will drop a few names here to get you started with your research. Isle of Skye, Isle of Mull, Isle of Arran, Islay, Coll, The Outer Hebridies and lets not forget about Orkney and Shetland.

Things to do in Scotland Stay on an island photo tobermory island of mull scotland

Things to do in Scotland – Stay on an island, photo: Tobermory on the island of Mull, Scotland.

Tour a Whisky Distillery

When you visit and tour a whisky distillery you can sample Scotlands national drink as it is made in the distillery. Get on the Malt Whisky Trail and have some fun exploring the wonderful distilleries in the Speyside region of Scotland. When you visit Malt Whisky Country you will find out that more than half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries are located in this region, this is one of the main reasons why so many whisky lover’s visit and stay a while. If you visit during April & May why not attend some tasting events at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival.  From the Highlands to the Lowlands other areas of Scotland including the islands also have whisky distilleries that you can visit so no matter where you are in Scotland you won’t be too far from a distillery. Slainte!

Things to do in Scotland - Visit a Distillery

Things to do in Scotland – Visit a Distillery

Take a Scenic Trip on a Steam Train

Scotland still runs some historic steam trains, vintage railway engines pull immaculate coaches of the past along the scenic West Highland Railway (Glasgow to Mallaig), The Strathspey Railway (Aviemore to Broomhill via Boat O Garten) and the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway (Bo’ness to Manuel). The west coast line is well known for its stunning scenic views and The Jacobite Steam Train the journey is described as one of the great railway journeys of the world, while the Strathspey line nestles within the Cairngorms National Park with scenic views of the Cairngorms aplenty. The Bo’ness line is located to the west of Edinburgh in West Lothian and known for its Thomas the Tank Engine and Railway Museum. Other routes also run steam services at times so it’s worth checking the Borders Railway in the south, the Kyle Line and Far North Line in the north,  and the central Scotland Glasgow to Stranraer line.

Steam Train Cairngorms National Park Scotland

Things to do in Scotland – Take a scenic trip on a Steam Train

Canoe down one of Scotland’s many rivers.

There are a lot of rivers in Scotland, many are navigable by canoe. Make sure you have the proper equipment and are confident in handling your canoe before you set off on your epic journey! Rivers can be dangerous at all times but even more so when in spate, it is safer to avoid rivers when they are running high!

Things to do in Scotland - Canoe down one of Scotland's many rivers. Photo of canoeists canoeing down a Scottish river.

Things to do in Scotland – Canoe down one of Scotland’s many rivers. Photo canoeing down a Scottish river.

Find your own beach

Sorry thats not a retort, finding your own beach in Scotland is easy, there are so many of them and they nearly all have pristine clean sands. Many of the beaches are isolated so you could be the only person there. For a real immersive adventure experience why not mix it up a bit and camp overnight there! Crystal clear water and white sandy beaches throw in a bit of sunshine Scotland is the perfect holiday destination.

Things to do in Scotland - Find your own beach, beautiful sandy beach Luskintyre Scotland

Things to do in Scotland – Find your own beach, beautiful sandy beach Luskintyre Scotland

Take an easy going drive along a beautiful Scottish Glen

If you’re on holiday in Scotland or if you just have a weekend off sometimes one of the best ways to see Scotland is to take an easy going drive through the majestic Scottish scenery, find a beautiful Scottish glen, drive a bit stop a while, drive a bit more, park up in a suitable spot & take a wee hike along the trail, snap a few photos, stop for your picnic in a scenic spot! What’s not to love about exploring Scotland? Get on your bike, hop into your car or campervan and set off on a mini road trip for a few hours and enjoy being in Scotland.
Remember to take your litter home and when driving on single track roads keep a look out for local drivers coming up behind you & let them pass 😉

Things to do in Scotland - Take an easy going drive along a beautiful Scottish Glen

Things to do in Scotland – Take an easy going drive along a beautiful Scottish Glen

Drive the North Coast 500

Take an epic roadtrip and follow Scotland’s answer to Route 66 in the USA, you can now drive around this new Scottish route in a few days, set off from Inverness heading up through scenic highlands of Scotland taking in Wester Ross, Sutherland and Caithness along the way you will visit places like Applecross, Sheildaig, Torridon, Kinlochewe, Gairloch, Poolewe, Altbea, Ullapool, Inchnadamph, Lochinver, Clachtoll, Drumbeg, Nedd, Kylesku, Kylestrome, Scourie, Durness, Invernaver, Armadale, Strathy, Tongue, Reay, Scrabster, Thurso, Dunnet, John O Groats and Wick and a few days later you will drive back through Easter Ross and the Black Isle to Inverness. Why not hire a vintage campervan, classic car or a Harley to drive the route. You can find more info on the North Coast 500 route here…

Bring your Harley and take part in Thunder in the Glen

Take another epic roadtrip with your Harley this time, take part in Thunder in the Glen, enjoy the parties and craic in Aviemore & Kingussie and tour around the the historic glens in the Cairngorms and Speyside. August 2016 sees the 20th Aniversary of this amazing event for Harley-Davidson riders and enthusiasts. People will travel from all over the world to take part in this, the largest Harley Davidson rally in Scotland and the UK. More info here…

Things to do in Scotland - Bring your Harley and take part in Thunder in the Glen photo

Things to do in Scotland – Bring your Harley and take part in Thunder in the Glen.

Take in a view of Scotland’s scenic landscape

Just to “be” in Scotland and take in a beautiful view of Scotland’s stunning landscape, views of which there are many. This photo was taken in Perthshire Scotland. A photographers paradise there is a stunning photo waiting around every corner, up every hill and mountain, along every glen and on every island, it’s not always sunny though, good weather bad weather it does not seem to matter, there have been some stunning stormy weather photos taken in Scotland.

Things to do in Scotland - Take in a view of Scotlands beautiful landscape photo

Things to do in Scotland – Take in a view of Scotlands beautiful landscape.

Take a seaplane trip to explore the highlands and islands of Scotland

Did you know that you can now explore Loch Lomond and the Isle of Skye areas of Scotland via seaplane?

Catch a wave and enjoy the surf

There are some great surfing locations around the coast of Scotland, the best locations are in the north and north west but there are some good locations on the more sheltered east coast as well. Chances are you may not be on your own in the more popular places.

Things to do in Scotland - Catch a wave and enjoy the surf, surfing in Scotland photo

Things to do in Scotland – Catch a wave and enjoy the surf, surfing in Scotland.

We’d love to know about your Scotland experiences, leave a comment.

Swim in the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye

When the rivers are running at normal summer levels the Fairy Pools have to be seen to be believed, the crystal clear, aqua blue waters contrast against the darker grey colours of the rocks around the waterfalls and you have the rugged and stunning Skye landscape for a background make these deep pools a superb place for a wild outdoor swim. Located in Glen Brittle area of the Isle of Skye, this glen is overlooked by the Black Cuillins the largest mountains on Skye. Ample car parking is available at this walks starting point which is popular with walkers and hikers. The walk itself is well sign posted a fairly easy walk over rough paths suitable for general explorer walkers, photographers, hill hikers and mountain bikers, the route provides easy access into the Cuillin landscape without the risk and danger of climbing. If there has been a lot of rain the streams and rivers may be in high, in spate and muddy the waters a bit, thhey can be difficult to cross when water is high so it may be best put off your visit till later in your holiday when conditions are more suitable, seek local advice if you’re unsure.

Watch Wildlife in the Scottish Wilderness

Scotland has a large variety of Wildlife and wildlife watching is one of the most enjoyable activities to undertake. The Scottish environment, landscape and wilderness is varied and there are a vast array of species to look out for, too many to list here. It is exciting to watch Eagles and Ospreys, as they fly overhead, follow the action on a Capercaille Lek, observe Deer as they go about their business, the photo below shows some female Red Deer crossing a river in the Highlands.  Look out for Otters, Badgers, Foxes, Pine Martins, Stoats, Weasels, hundreds of different species of Birds. Where else can you see a Salmon leap, a Pheasant and a Grouse, a Red Deer and a Golden Eagle all in the same vista? If you are lucky you might just see such a thing. Bring your outdoor clothing, Binoculars and Cameras!

Things to do in Scotland - Watch Red Deer in the Scottish wilderness photo

Things to do in Scotland – Watch Red Deer in the Scottish wilderness.

Watch Dolphins on the Moray Coast

One of the best places to see Bottle Nose Dolphins in Scotland is at Chanonry Point on the Black Isle, just North of Inverness. However at any point on the coast along the Moray firth there is a chance to see a pod passing by. Be sure to visit the Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay near Fochabers in Moray where you can find out more about the dolphins lifestyle and history. If you happen to be in Aberdeen be sure to visit the area near the sea entrance to the harbour, and area where where there is a good chance see Dolphins and Porpoise.

Go whale watching

Along the north, north west and and west coasts and from the islands there is a rare chance to see Minke or Killer Whales and other whales coming quite close to the shore. Minke whales are the most common type of whale found around the coast of Scotland. Killer whales have become more noticeable in recent times being spotted from headlands along the north coast. In the summer months it’s also possible to see Basking Sharks off Scotland’s west coast.

Fly your drone over the stunning Scottish landscape

drone aerial photo Scotland areial photography drone photographyPhoto by Keith Bremner on Unsplash

If you go to Scotland make sure you take your quadcopter travel drone with you, drone technology is still relatively new and Scotland has not yet been explored thoroughly using drones. Consequently if you try aerial photography in Scotland there are some stunning original aerial photos to be had if you fly your drone in Scotland. Aerial photos like the one above by Keith Bremner are just the tip of the iceberg, a few others have flown drones in Scotland you can see some more aerial photos of Scotland here.  You’ll have to look out for other flying aircraft though, there are many low flying RAF jets in Scotland, you may see them on a daily basis sometimes. Some areas are restricted no-fly zones so best check the drone flying rules and no fly zones before you fly. Scotlands landscape is stunning and you are sure to find an original stunning view with your drone.

Try whitewater rafting

Get your outdoor adrenaline rush on a recreational whitewater rafting trip, Scotland has some amazing rivers and tributaries for you to discover on your trip down the river. Enjoy the journey as rapid after rapid, waterfall after waterfall you hold on as best you can, expect to get wet on these trips and you will have lots of fun! There are different degrees of rough water on trips and usually your guides will match you to your capability with a new and challenging environment. An extreme sport there is a certain amount of adrenaline inducing risk involved on these trips so be prepared to be tested as you help your team and guide to steer the inflatable raft down the river. Whitewater rafting has become a popular leisure activity in Scotland with many rafting companies available to help you get the experience, go enjoy!

Things to do in Scotland - Whitewater rafting

Things to do in Scotland – Whitewater rafting

Watch motor racing

Grab some action for a great racing experience visit the main motor racing circuit in Scotland. The Knockhill circuit is located near Dumfermline, about half an hour outside of Edinburgh, here you can watch many different motor racing events like the British Touring Cars Championship and the British Superbikes Championship when the visit the track. There is normally a full days racing on these days with numerous other racing events taking place throughout the day. Tickets go quickly so book them early, why not get a pit lane pass to get closer to the riders / drivers and their machines, take some photos with the racing stars and get a few autographs in fantastic bustling atmosphere, or sign up for VIP pass and enjoy the racing from a more relaxed viewpoint.  Many other events take place throughout the year and the circuit offers some driving experience days. The Knockhill circuit is about thirty mins from Edinburgh, forty miles from Glasgow or two hours drive from Aberdeen.

Things to do in Scotland - Watch motor car or motor cycle racing at Knockhill.

Things to do in Scotland – Watch motor car or motor cycle racing at Knockhill

Explore a Scottish city

Scottish cites are well worth exploring, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling are cities.

Aberdeen (the Granite City) is located between two rivers the River Dee and the River Don in Aberdeenshire. A busy seaport and oil industry where traditional industries like fishing have become almost obsolete due to expansion of the oil industry. Many service industries have grown up around the oil industry which has benefited the city in general. Aberdeen has a vibrant night life and hospitality industry with a large variety of restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels and bed & breakfasts and guest houses. Aberdeen airport and heliport are busy transport hubs and expansion is ongoing. The harbour is the largest in the north of Scotland and worth visiting if you are interested in seagoing transport and the oil industry. You might also catch a glimpse of Dolphins if you go to the right spot. The Beach boulevard is a popular entertainment venue with various attractions. The city’s football team is Aberdeen F.C.  Aberdeen has a few golf courses, dry ski slope, ice rink and there are many other entertaining activities you can take part in.

Dundee is located in east central lowland Scotland on the north bank of the Firth of Tay / River Tay. As the fourth largest city in Scotland Dundee is well worth a visit,the city is currently undergoing considerable re-investment via a plan to rejuvenate and reconnect the city waterfront to the city center. It is hoped that the Dundee Victoria & Albert Museum will open in 2017/18. In 2014 Dundee was awarded the UK’s first City of Design award by UNESCO for its enormous contributions to the field of “design” varied and innovative contributions include pioneering bio-medical research, childrens comics & cartoons and computer video games. The city has two football clubs, Dundee and Dundee United. Dundee’s rich maritime history is reflected with the Discovery, Scott’s Antarctic exploration vessel berthed in the city harbour. The city has a colourful night life and its well represented hospitality industry with a variety of restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels and bed & breakfasts and guest houses.

Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland is located in east central Scotland on the south bank of the Firth of Tay / River Tay. The Scottish Parliament is located in Edinburgh The city is the largest financial center in Scotland and the center of Scottish Education. Amongst others you will find the National Museum of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland and the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh. The city is world famous for it’s Hogmanay party, New Year celebrations and Festivals such as the the Fringe Festival the largest annual international arts festival in the world. The “fesival effect” and party atmosphere found in the city means that Edinburgh has an excellent night life scene with many vibrant pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants. It is very popular with travel and tour visitors, with well over a million visits per year each year accounted for by tourism. There is usually ample accommodation for visitors available in the many hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfast establishments the exception to this is during peak festival times when you may need to book your accommodation in advance. The city has two professional football clubs Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian when you visit if you get the chance attend a local derby, but which team will you support?

Glasgow the largest city in Scotland is located in west central Scotland on the banks of the River Clyde. A cultural hub it is home to many institutions including the Glasgow School of Art, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Burrel Collection, St Mungo, Hunterian, the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and National Theater of Scotland to name a few. Football plays a large part in Glasgow life with four professional teams Celtic, Rangers, Partick Thistle and Queen’s Park, the rivalry between the old firm teams of Celtic and Rangers is intense. Glasgow is a major transport hub with airport, seaport, bus, railway and a complex road network. A major shopping destination Glasgow is popular with Scots and visitors to Scotland, the excellent arts scene, football and night life ensure that the many pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants are busy most of the time.

Inverness is located at the mouth of and on the banks of the River Ness, the city is known as the capital city of the Scottish Highlands. Inverness as reputed to be the happiest place in Scotland, a place where good natured craic is always welcome and visitors to the city are always made to feel welcome.  Inverness airport is a short drive out of the city but the railway and bus stations are centrally located, it will likely be an easy walk to your accommodation or if not a short taxi drive will get you there. The historic battle of Culloden took place on the outskirts of Inverness and there is a visitor center and tour guides there to guide you around the battle field. Inverness has a vibrant city centre, visit Inverness for a relaxed shopping experience with a great choice of hospitality and entertainment venues. Why not dine out along the riverside and enjoy a unique city view!

Perth is located on the banks of the River Tay in Perth and Kinross aka Perthshire. A busy bustling city popular amongst visitors to Scotland. The city’s football team is St. Johnstone F.C.  History abounds Perth which was occupied by Jacobite supporters on numerous occasions.  The nearby village of Scone (pronounced scoon) you will find more history at Scone Abbey which is the home of the “Stone of Destiny” and Scone Palace is a historically important category A listed property and a 5 star tourist attraction and estate where events like the Scottish Game Fair and Wedding Fairs are held there. Don’t forget to have a day at the Perth Races.  Perth is the “Gateway to the Highlands” and an important transport hub with roads, railways and a small airport. Many industries have been established in Perth including the whisky industry, today Perth serves as a busy retail center for the surrounding area.

We’d love to know about your Scotland experiences, leave a comment.

Go to a Vintage Rally

There are some great vintage rallies and country shows taking place in Scotland which offer the visitor a chance to see some of the historic machinery used in the country over the ages. A fascinating insight into the past some rallys are specific to particular vehicle types while others are more broad in the variety of vehicles they allow to enter their rally. Vehicles such as classic cars, and motorcycles, vintage transport including vans, lorries or military vehicles may be entered in some while others are more devoted to the steam age showing really old vintage tractors, stationary engines and steam engines of yesteryear. Many of these vehicles are likely to be agricultural related machinery. Usually there are working demonstrations on display which may include ploughing, milling, threshing and harvesting (combining). There are usually plenty of hospitality vendors offering hot dogs, fish and chips, ice cream, tea and coffee or other beverages at these events. A great way to spend a few hours or even a whole day!

Things to do in Scotland - Go to see a Vintage Rally

Things to do in Scotland – Go to see a Vintage Rally

Visit a Brewery

Yessss!!! Scotland has breweries as well, brewing standard beers and craft beers, the brewing tradition has remained in Scotland much longer than the rest of Europe. Scotland exports beer around the world and recently there has been a resurgence in brewing especially niche craft brewing. Many small breweries have appeared all all over Scotland and new craft breweries are being established every other week,  some brewries have visitor centers and tours so you can see how the beer is made and taste samples.

Find your breathing space

There is plenty of open space in Scotland making it the perfect environment for visitors to take time out, relax, rejuvenate and breathe. Get back in touch with life, the earth and it’s landscape, breath in the clean fresh air. Remove yourself from the demands of everyday life and enjoy some well earned time out in the landscape of Scotland. Walking on countryside trails, designated walk ways,  mountain paths or even pristine sandy beaches with crystal clear water is the ideal way to leave the stresses of everyday life behind for a while, recharge your emotional batteries and get away from it all for a while.

Things to do in Scotland - Find your breathing space

Things to do in Scotland – Find your breathing space

Spend a night under the stars wild camping

Cook your food on the camp fire, enjoy a wee dram while you are waiting, toast some yummy marshmallows or roast a fresh caught trout from loch (lake) or burn (stream) and wait for it to get dark. Be aware of the outdoor access code before you go and make sure you remove all litter when you leave. Leave no trace 😉

Things to do in Scotland - Wild Camping in Scotland photo

Things to do in Scotland – Wild Camping in Scotland

Watch the Northern Lights

The beautiful Northern Lights as seen from Caithness, the north of Scotland, Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney and Shetland are the best places to see a stunning display of Aurora Borealis. Other good places to look for Aurora Borealis are Moray in the North East of Scotland and the Dark Skies Park in Dumfries & Galloway. These locations are popular with photographers and videographers seeking to capture a magical images of the night sky.

Walk along one of the many “Ways”

Scotland has a number of recognised walking routes designed to connect you with the scenic landscape and places of interest these include: The West Highland Way, Speyside Way, Dava Way, East Highland Way, Fortmartine & Buchan Way, Great Glen Way, Isla Way, Kintyre Way, Moray Costal Trail, Southern Upland Way. You don’t have to limit yourself to walking these you can always drive out to a spot along the way and walk part of the route. Have a look at the links in the Scotlist database if you need accommodation along any of these beautiful routes.

Play a round of golf in Scotland

Scotland is the home of Golf, the Scottish landscape, the weather, the Scottish climate and the Scottish people all contribute to help Scotland produce some of the best golf courses in the world. Your golfing trip to Scotland presents a fantastic opportunity to play on ledgendary championship courses like St Andrews, Royal Dornoch, Nairn Dunbar, Carnoustie, Moray and many many more. Scotland has a great selection of challenging coastal golf links, undulating green parkland golf courses many of them wooded and a good number of tougher hill side courses located near mountains. Water appears to be plentiful in Scotland so many of the courses have water hazards! When you search for a golfcourse to play in Scotland you will find that you have around 600 golf courses to choose from with new courses being developed all the time Scotland is definitely the place to be when it comes to golf. If you enjoy the thrill and challenge of playing new courses you must vist Scotland for a great golfing experience.

Climb a Ben or Munro Mountain – “Bag a Munro”

There are over 280 mountains 9n Scotland with a summit of more than 3,000 ft, (we need a bigger list) you are sure to find a hillwalk or climb to suit your ability. Make sure to check that you have suitable clothing and enough food and drink to see you through, don’t forget to check the weather before you set off, it’s usually much colder up on the peaks. You should also leave a note with your accommodation host detailing the time you expect to return off the hill.

Things to do in Scotland - Climb a Ben or bag a Munro mountain.

Things to do in Scotland – Climb a Ben or bag a Munro mountain.

Watch horse racing at Ayr, Perth, Hamilton, Kelso or Musselburgh

Have a grand day out at the races, place your bets, and they’re off,  thundering around the track, crowd cheering, thrilling atmosphere, fantastic surroundings. Enjoy the thrill of a race day in the comfort of great hospitality and customer service. At most race courses there’s racing taking place throughout the year with occasional Ladies Days, or great family days.

Explore an idyllic village

There are so many idyllic villages in Scotland to choose from here are a few of our favourites… Scotland’s most beautiful villages.

Killin, Loch Tay in Perthshire

Things to do in Scotland - Explore an idyllic village, Killin, Loch Tay in Perthshire.

Things to do in Scotland – Explore an idyllic village, Killin, Loch Tay in Perthshire.

The popular village of Killin lies to the west of mighty Loch Tay in Perthshire. The village has some pubs, B&Bs and is a popular place for self-catering holiday cottage rentals. The bridge over the beautiful Falls of Dochart is also located here near the the cascading waterfall, the ancient buiral ground of the clan McNab can also be found at the bridge.

Plockton, Lochalsh.
Plockton is arguably the most idyllic and beautiful of Scottish villages. Located on the west coast not far from the Skye Bridge, Plockton is small fishing village located in scenic surroundings.

Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway.
The “artists town”, with pastel coloured houses, attractive streets and ancient buildings Kirkcudbright is a popular place amongst visitors who love art & crafts and scottish art.

Pennan, Aberdeenshire
The film “Local Hero” has made sure that Pennan is one of the best known of the fishing villages in Scotland. Fishermens cottages are crammed into tiny spaces beneath the cliffs, notice how many of cottages are built with the gable end facing the sea, this is likely to prevent broken windows and flooding during storms. When you are in the area don’t forget to visit similar fishing villages of Crovie and Gardenstown and if you are a bird person make time for a visit to Troup Head to watch Puffins, Guillimots and Gannets nesting and fishing in the North Sea.

Cromarty, Black Isle.
Cromarty on the Black Isle is a very pretty wee village with narrow streets and ancient buildings and architecture, it has nautical connections as well but it is mostly known for Hugh Miller the author. Hugh’s cottage has been turned into museum so that those with an interest in his work and the history of Cromarty can learn more. The Black Isle itself is a peninsula of rich agricultural land just north of Inverness, it has a wealth of striking coastal scenery and there is a good chance to see Dolpins and other sea going creatures in this area.

Applecross, Wester Ross, Highland.
The Applecross peninsula is in Wester Ross, Highland, on the north west coast of Scotland. The road to Applecross is one of the most dangerous roads in Scotland, it is scenic and exciting to drive to say the least rising over 2000 ft over the Bealach na Ba (‘Pass of the Cattle’) then dropping down to sea level at Applecross. A small village with a pub and post office, lying on the small Applecross Bay, facing the Inner Sound, on the opposite side of which lies the Inner Hebridean island of Raasay. The name Applecross applies to all the settlements around the peninsula and the small applecross river flows into the bay nearby.

In time more villages may be added to this list, if you think we have missed one why not time let us know why it should be added.

Stay in Unique, Luxurious Accommodation

When you visit Scotland you will need somewhere to stay, you can find high unique and luxurious places to stay in our Accommodation directory. There are links to bed and breakfast, guest house, self catering accommodation. We have accommodation categories with topics such as whisky accommodation,  castle trail accommodation,  travel routes to help you find accommodation by the type of holiday you are planning.

You can browse a map of our featured accommodation using the map below…

Accommodation Map of Scotland

scotland map accommodation

Accommodation map of Scotland

Scotland is a great place to visit you can stay enjoy many different types of accommodation from hotels, self-catering or you can enjoy the friendly service provided by bed and breakfast owners.

Go to a Burns Supper and eat some Haggis

If you are in Scotland during January try to time your visit so that you can go to a Burns Supper here you will experience Scottish hospitality and taste Scottish food like Scotlands national dish – Haggis, Neeps and Tatties (Haggis, Turnip and Potatoes) and don’t forget to have a wee dram or two. 😉 Burns Night suppers usually take place on an evening late in January usually on 25th which is the poet Robert Buns birthday.

Visit Scotland in Winter

Visit and enjoy a winter wonderland but be warned getting around the country can be tricky at times of heavy snowfall best plan is to book your accommodation close to where you want to be , get there and enjoy! Winter activities in Scotland include Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Climbing, Ice climbing, Sledging, Curling, Wildlife watching, Walking, taking in celebration whether it’s Christmas or the New Year. After your outdoor excursion it’s always good to get warmed up again with a nice meal and maybe a wee dram in the warmth of your accommodation.

Things to do in Scotland - Visit Scotland in Winter.

Things to do in Scotland – Visit Scotland in Winter.

Celebrate Hogmany and go to a Ceilidh

Take in Hogmany in on of Scotlands cities and you are sure to see a spectacular display Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness Aberdeen, Dundee or Perth all offer stunning displays. Make sure you get invited to a ceilidh. Looking for something different watch them spinning and throwing fireballs at Stonehaven or shortly after New Year you can take part in the “Loony Dook” or later attend the burning of the Claieve

Things to do in Scotland - Celebrate Hogmanay and the New Year

Things to do in Scotland – Celebrate Hogmanay and the New Year

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