About Scotland, Alba (Gaelic)

About Scotland, Alba (Gaelic)

Welcome to the Scotlist.biz website and our About Scotland page,  Failte gu Alba, Cead Mile Failte, Ahlan Wa Sahlan,  G’day Mate, Huan ying, Velkommen, Welkom, Bienvenue, Willkommen, E komo mai, Swaa-gat hai, Benvenuto, Irasshai, Yookoso, Kia Ora,  Bem Vinda / Vindo,  Bienvenido, Greuzi, How Y’all Doin’? Croeso, Dobrodosli


Scotland is a country that is currently part of the United Kingdom in Europe.  Scotland has a diverse coastline with hundreds of small and large islands, beautiful sandy beaches, rocky cliffs with diverse marine wildlife. The land as a whole comprises  of mountains,  lochs  (lakes), beautiful river valleys, ancient forests, green farmland barren moorland and scrub areas. In the lowlands agriculture (farming) is the main land use. In the Scottish Highlands the land use is diverse with outdoor pursuits, sports and country sports being the main uses. Travel and Tourism contributes a great deal to the Scottish economy with visitors from all over the world traveling to the country to experience it’s delights and history.

The capital city Edinburgh is a must visit location to celebrate and see in the New Year, Edinburgh has a party event that is recognized as one of the best in the world. The city is also one of culture with a diverse population and a vibrant shopping scene it is also one of Europe’s largest financial centers.  Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city the shopping there is most likely the best in Scotland, other popular cities include Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness. What did you do and what do you plan to do when you visit Scotland? Leave a comment, tell us about your Scotland experiences.

Accommodation in Scotland

If you are searching for somewhere to stay in Scotland and want to find high quality accommodation for your Scottish vacation / holiday please have a look at our Accommodation category. This directory provides information and links to help you plan your Scottish holiday, coming from America? it will help you to plan your vacation in Scotland. There are links to bed and breakfast, guest house, self catering accommodation, and travel routes, travel accommodation. We have accommodation categories with topics such as whisky accommodation,  castle trail accommodation,  travel routes to help you find accommodation by the type of holiday you are planning.

Find information on holiday accommodation, ways to travel to Scotland, sporting and leisure activities in Scotland, travel products and travel services to help your Scottish holiday go smoothly. Holiday in Scotland and you will find there is a great variety of accommodation lodgings and vacation rentals available for you to rent or hire.  Scotland is a great place to be with mostly high accommodation standards. You will find some excellent accommodation in our listings to help make your Scottish holiday the best holiday you have ever had. If you enjoy the friendly service provided by bed and breakfast owners there is a good selection of links to bed an breakfast properties in this site. If you prefer to come and go independently with a self catering holiday cottage you will find some great self catering properties, vacation rentals, chalets and cottages in the listings. Our Scotland travel guide listings are expanding daily so please check back again soon to see if we have added any new accommodation.

Browse the map of featured accommodation below…

Accommodation Map Scotland

scotland map accommodation

Accommodation map of Scotland

Does Scottish accommodation have wifi? Yes, most holiday properties do there is also surprisingly good coverage for mobile phones in places you might not expect to have coverage so you can usually upload your photos and social network status updates as you tour around.  If you find suitable accommodation through our site please mention that you found your accommodation on the Scotlist . biz website, thank you!
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Scottish Castles

The castles of Scotland are many and you will find they are in  various states of repair, some are derelict ruins and some are well maintained homes and homes of Scottish clans. Castles are fortified structures usually built from rock and stone. Over the last 1,000 years or so castles have been built in a variety of forms and layouts, many people find the castles and the history of Scotland fascinating to explore. When you travel around look out for brochs which are a circular type of  military post.  There have been well over two thousand castles constructed in Scotland, and they can be found in all parts of the country.

Tell us about your favourite Scottish Castle.   Find Scottish castle related links here. Find out more about Scottish Castles on Wiki.

Scotch Whisky (Scotch)

The traditional drink of Scotland has a large following with patrons found all over the world, the Whisky market is considerable and the drink is popular. It is a potent alcoholic drink, there are many types of whiskies, malt grain blends of different types, all are aged in oak barrels and most are matured for 8 – 10 years.  Only whisky that is manufactured and matured in Scotland can be called Scotch whisky. There are distilleries all over Scotland so if you are touring around you should be able to find one somewhere, many of them operate distillery tours so you can see inside a distillery and sample the whisky they have produced. Not all distilleries have tours so it is best to check before you visit. The physical location of distilleries can affect the flavour of  the whisky, the main regions are Highland, Lowland, Speyside and the Islands. If you have not yet tasted Scotch Whisky you must try it when you visit.  Did you know that people collect whiskyTell us about your favourite Scotch Whiskies.

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Fishing in Scotland

A fishing holiday in Scotland offers a fantastic variety of lochs and rivers with interesting pools to go fishing in for the three main quarry species of freshwater fish found here.  The main species are the secretive Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta), the powerful Sea Trout (Salmo Trutta) and the majestic Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar). The best times to visit are variable but usually the end of June early July are best for summer Salmon and Grilse sometimes good runs continue from then right through to the end of the season in September and October.  Spring time can sometimes yield good results for the dedicated Salmon angler.

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Golf in Scotland

Golfing in ScotlandScotland is the home of Golf, the Scottish landscape, the weather, the Scottish climate and the Scottish people all contribute to help Scotland produce some of the best golf courses in the world.

Your golfing trip to Scotland presents a fantastic opportunity to play on legendary championship courses like St Andrews, Royal Dornoch, Nairn Dunbar, Carnoustie, Moray and many many more. Scotland has a great selection of challenging coastal golf links, undulating green parkland golf courses many of them wooded and a good number of tougher hill side courses located near mountains. Water appears to be plentiful in Scotland so many of the courses have water hazards.

When you visit Scotland to play golf you will find that you now have nearly 600 golf courses to choose from with new courses being developed all the time. Scotland is definitely the place to be when it comes to golf. If you enjoy the thrill and challenge of playing new courses you must visit Scotland for some great golfing excitement. Leave a comment, tell us about that hole in one, two, three, four or fourteen! Find Golf courses in Scotland and golf sports equipment here

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